Quick Reference Guide – 2023 Ballot Propositions

October 23, 2023
Andrew McVeigh
Constitutional Amendments, Corporate Welfare, Elections 2023, Property Tax, Propositions

Early voting for the 2023 November election is officially underway, and voters across Texas are headed to the polls. 

This election held on November 7th is focused on fourteen constitutional amendment propositions, many of which will have a significant impact on Texas taxpayers. 

Below you will find our recommendations on how to vote on each:

  • Proposition 1: Right to Farm – SUPPORT (Protects private Property Rights) 
  • Proposition 2: Tax exemptions for childcare facilities – AGAINST (Will raise property taxes on homeowners)
  • Proposition 3: Prohibition of a wealth tax – SUPPORT (Protects against new taxes)
  • Proposition 4: Property tax relief – SUPPORT (should provide at least some, temporary relief)
  • Proposition 5: Texas University Fund – AGAINST (Gives more taxpayer money to leftist universities)
  • Proposition 6: Texas Water Fund – NEUTRAL (Provides more money for water infrastructure projects)
  • Proposition 7: Texas Energy Fund – SUPPORT (Necessary step to help secure the grid)
  • Proposition 8: Texas Broadband Fund – AGAINST (Corporate Welfare, misuse of tax dollars)
  • Proposition 9: Teacher Retirement COLA  – NEUTRAL (Uses tax dollars to provide cost of living adjustment for retired teachers)
  • Proposition 10: Tax Exemptions for Medical Manufacturers – AGAINST (Corporate Welfare, will raise taxes on homeowners)
  • Proposition 11: Bonds for El Paso Parks and Recreation – NEUTRAL (local issue but will raise taxes on El Paso Residents)
  • Proposition 12: Abolishing Galveston County Treasurer – SUPPORT (Eliminates Government Bureaucrat)
  • Proposition 13: Raise Retirement Age for Judges – AGAINST (Cognitive Decline risks miscarrying Justice in the Courtroom)
  • Proposition 14: Texas Centennial Parks Fund – AGAINST (Misuse of taxpayer money)

For a more in-depth discussion and analysis, check out our previous article on these propositions here

Be sure to share this with friends and family, and get out and vote on these important constitutional amendments!

To check your voter status and information, visit here

For early voting locations, visit your local county’s voter administration website.

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