Harris County’s Guaranteed Basic Income Program Raises Legal and Fiscal Concerns

Harris County’s “Uplift Harris” guaranteed basic income program is facing criticism and legal scrutiny from State Senator Paul Bettencourt (R – Houston), who submitted a request for an opinion from the attorney general’s office on the constitutionality of the initiative….


Last Call for Texas Taxpayers: Final Chance to Challenge Rising Taxes and Local Spending

Every year in August and September, Local Governments across the Lone Star State set about the task of proposing and then adopting their tax rates and budgets for the next year. Last month, TFR reminded Texas taxpayers about the impending…


By The Numbers: A Look at the Recent Property Tax Rate and Budget Proposals Across Texas

Earlier this month, TFR reminded Texas Taxpayers that the time of local budget setting and property tax rate adoptions was rapidly approaching.  Now, just a few weeks later, many major cities and counties across the Lone Star State have put…


Unexpected Twist: Dallas Mayor for Fiscal Responsibility?

In the intricate political landscape of Texas politics, more often than not those politicians that claim to be “Republicans” or “conservatives” advocate for fiscally responsible government, lower taxes, and less spending by government entities. Dallas Changing their Playbook? Yet, in…


Get Involved Now! Local Governments to Adopt New Property Tax Rates

Are you a homeowner? A small business owner? Farmer or rancher? Texas property owner of any kind? If you are, then this information is for you! Tax Rates Every year, local governments in Texas set a budget for their operations…


Fort Worth Slaps Taxpayers in the Face, Raises Taxes

It happened again: yet another deceptive tax increase by a major city. Last night, Fort Worth officially adopted its new tax rate of 71.25. This comes despite opposition from the public and two city council members dissenting to the tax…


City of Deer Park Proposes Increase in Property Taxes

As we have begun to report on local jurisdictions adopting new tax rates for the next fiscal year, it has become apparent that many around the state are failing to adopt the “no-new-revenue” tax rate. This has caused several concerned…


Deceptive Duncanville: Status Quo for Local Politics

As we have begun to report on cities adopting new tax rates and many failing to adopt the no-new-revenue rate, a number of folks have reached out to us at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility about the deceptive practices reducing transparency…


Texas GOP Platform Includes Texas Prosperity Plan

Wednesday, the Republican Party of Texas released its 2022 Platform as approved by delegates to its State Convention in mid-June.  Among the 274 ‘planks’ or policy positions were all three of the items set forth in Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s…


New Report Shows the Increased Debt Burdens on Texas Taxpayers in Largest Cities

Recently, Truth in Accounting published their latest Combined City Taxpayer Report of the 10 most populated cities in the United States and the debt burdens put on each of their taxpayers. The report attempts to measure the annual financial reports…