City of Deer Park Proposes Increase in Property Taxes

September 6, 2022
Jeramy Kitchen
Briscoe Cain, No New Revenue Rate, Property Tax

As we have begun to report on local jurisdictions adopting new tax rates for the next fiscal year, it has become apparent that many around the state are failing to adopt the “no-new-revenue” tax rate. This has caused several concerned Texas taxpayers to reach out to us at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility about the deceptive practices and local elected officials’ attempts to reduce transparency in the process, among other concerns.

Put simply, if your local jurisdictions adopt a tax rate higher than the “no-new-revenue” tax rate, your taxes will almost certainly be going up due to rising property values (appraisals).


City of Deer Park, Texas

In mid-August, the City of Deer Park (estimated population of about 33,500, as of April 2020) posted notice of its intent to hold a public hearing on a proposed property tax increase.

Republican State Rep. Briscoe Cain, who represents the area in the Texas Legislature, issued the following request to Deer Park elected officials:

“As you know, local elected officials will determine the tax rate, and thus, how much our constituents will owe in property taxes. With inflation causing the cost of living to skyrocket for many Texas families, I implore you to avoid the temptation to increase the tax rate in your local community. A vote for any rate higher than the ‘no-new-revenue’ rate is a vote to increase our constituents’ taxes.”

The City of Deer Park is proposing a tax rate of $0.720000 per $100 valuation. This proposed rate would be above the “no-new-revenue” tax rate ($0.660360) but just below the tax rate that necessitates voter approval ($0.726144).

Cain continued:

“If you choose to adopt a rate higher than the ‘no-new-revenue rate,’ I urge you to instead send the rate increase to voters at the next election and respect their decision. I know that the rate may not legally require an election, but the current economic circumstances necessitate voter approval.”




A public hearing on the proposed tax rate is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20 at 7:30 p.m. Concerned taxpayers may attend or contact members of the Deer Park City Council.

It is worth noting that quite a few local governments have adopted or proposed to adopt the “no-new-revenue” rate, including the cities of Colleyville, Keller, and Southlake.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility maintains that the levying of a property tax is immoral and that the state legislature should focus on putting Texas on a path to its elimination.

How can you help? Go read the Texas Prosperity Plan for yourself and voice your support for REAL property tax relief by signing up to support the TPP. You can also sign up for The Fiscal Note to stay updated on all fiscal issues that affect Texans, especially our broken property tax system. We CAN get real tax relief if we amplify our voices loudly enough.