Vote Notices for Fiscal Responsibility Index

The 88th Legislative Session began on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, and lasts until Monday, May 29, 2023. This list will continue to be populated for as long as lawmakers have the ability to take recorded votes at during the 88th Legislative Session. Subscribe here to receive vote notices.

Texas House of Representatives

BillAuthorSubjectTFR PositionVote Notice
Speaker of the HouseSupport Tinderholt
Oppose Phelan
HR3Metcalf (R)HousekeepingOppose1.11.23
HR4Hunter (R)RulesOppose
Specific Amendments
HR4Hunter (R)RulesSupport
Specific Amendments
HB 300Howard (D)Family Care Items
Sales Tax Exemption

Texas Senate

BillAuthorSubjectTFR PositionVote Notice
SR1Whitmire (D)HousekeepingOppose1.10.23
SB 30Huffman (D)SupplementalOppose3.15.23
SB 4Bettencourt (R)Property Tax ReliefSupport3.20.23
SB 159Perry (R)LicensingSupport3.20.23
SB 190Miles (D)Anti-Free SpeechOppose3.20.23
SB 3Bettencourt (R)Property Tax ReliefSupport3.22.23
SB 5Parker (R)Property Tax ReliefSupport3.22.23
SB 58Zaffirini (D)Burdensome RegulationOppose3.22.23
SB 384Kolkhorst (R)Burdensome RegulationOppose3.22.23
SJR 58Birdwell (R)Emergency Powers ReformSupport3.27.23
SB 1104Birdwell (R)Emergency Powers ReformSupport3.27.23
SB 14Campbell (R)Prohibition on Public Funds
for Gender Transitioning
SB 15Middleton (R)Protecting Women’s
College Sports
SB 65Zaffirini (D)Academic Transcript
Sales Tax Exemption
SB 1001Schwertner (R)Regulating EV Charging StationsOppose3.28.23
SB 29Birdwell (R)Prohibition on Government COVID-19 MandatesSupport/Amend3.29.23
SB 936Hancock (R)Prohibition Expansion on Contract DiscriminationSupport3.29.23
SB 959Campbell (R)Prohibition on Charter Schools Using Taxpayer Money on Abortion ProvidersSupport3.29.23

Reminder: Vote Notices are provided to both Texas state lawmakers and the general public in advance of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s position on issues to be rated as a part of the Fiscal Responsibility Index prior to votes being taken in each legislative chamber.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to consider amendments to legislation that may be introduced without notice as a part of issues to be rated as a part of the Fiscal Responsibility Index. We will make every effort to provide notice on amendments that are pre-filed.