Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (TFR) is dedicated to equipping voters each election cycle with a comprehensive list of endorsements, ensuring Texans are well-informed to cast their votes for the most fiscally responsible candidates.

Candidates are vetted via a candidate questionnaire comprised of questions structured to determine any would-be elected official’s disposition towards issues related to the size and scope of government.

TFR also produces the Fiscal Responsibility Index as a measurement of how lawmakers perform each legislative session. Lawmakers who receive a score of 90 or above are deemed “Taxpayer Champions” and are automatically endorsed by TFR.

This symbol: 🏆, denotes the candidate as a Taxpayer Champion.

Don’t miss TFR’s preliminary endorsements for the 2023-2024 Election Cycle below:

Upcoming Election(s):

2024 Primary Election

Texas House of Representatives

DistrictNamePolitical Party
1Dale HulsR
2Brent MoneyR
10Brian Harrison 🏆R
15Steve Toth 🏆R
19Kyle BiedermannR
33Katrina PiersonR
56Devvie DukeR
58Helen KerwinR
60Mike OlcottR
61Keresa RichardsonR
62Shelley LutherR
64Andy HopperR
65Mitch LittleR
67Daren MeisR
89Abraham GeorgeR
91David LoweR
94Tony Tinderholt 🏆R
133John PerezR

Election Information

Last Day to Register to Vote: February 5, 2024
Early Voting Period: February 20–March 1, 2024
Election Day: March 5, 2024

Are you a candidate seeking an endorsement? Find our candidate questionnaire below: