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TFR Statement on State Budget

Following the Texas Senate’s passage of the conference committee report on the state budget, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility president Cary Cheshire issued the following statement: Texas lawmakers have passed a budget that does not deliver substantial property tax relief. Instead…

TFR Voter Alerts

Howdy, On this page we will list the votes and bills eligible for inclusion on the 2021 Fiscal Responsibility Index comporting to our mission and founding principles. We use the Fiscal Responsibility Index to explain the broad parameters by which we will report…

TFR Vote Alerts (Texas Budget)

On April 22nd the Texas House is set to debate 240 amendments to the state budget. Below are TFR’s vote recommendations for the Fiscal Responsibility Index. [table id=4 /]


Devil in the Details: Senate Bill 6 Jeopardizes Texans

Quickly moving through the Texas Senate is a bill sold as a measure to protect businesses and healthcare providers from liability during the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic, but if implemented would likely accomplish the inverse of what is intended. Authored by…


TFR Statement on Senate Passage of SB 1

Following the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 1, the state budget, in the Texas Senate, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility president Cary Cheshire issued the following statement: “The Texas Senate’s budget provides only a modest increase in total state spending below…


Abolish the Hotel Occupancy Tax

A lesser-known handout from taxpayers to private entities are local Hotel Occupancy Taxes, which are collected and allocated for the promotion of “tourism and the convention and hotel industry.” Cities may levy up to a seven percent tax on hotel bills,…


Dr. Peter McCullough Blasts Texas COVID Response, Points to Herd Immunity

Dr. Peter McCullough gave a groundbreaking testimony before the Texas Senate last Wednesday which was so powerful it made mainstream news nationwide. In his testimony he had blistering rebuke of the government’s response and directions regarding the Chinese Coronavirus, Here…


Implement Zero-Based Budgeting

As conservatives know, government is an inherently greedy beast. It seizes every opportunity to grow and, in the words of Democrat Rahm Emanuel, it “never lets a good crisis go to waste.” However, in combating the natural trend of bureaucracy to…


House State Affairs Questions Legality of HB 3

Perhaps the most hotly debated bill of the session thus far is House Bill 3, a proposal by State Rep. Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock) to expand the executive authority of the governor during a pandemic. In a hearing over the legislation…


Hughes Grills Big Tech on Censorship

On Monday, State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola), laid out Senate Bill 12 before the Senate State Affairs Committee which he chairs.  Authored by Hughes and several other Senate Republicans, SB 12 seeks to prevent tech from censoring conservatives in Texas….


Repeal the Business Personal Property Tax

State lawmakers should repeal the property tax levied on business personal property and inventory. Only eleven states other than Texas levy such a tax. Texas’ onerous property tax system requires that businesses pay taxes on both the land it occupies and its assets—including the inventory…


TFR Subscribers Say They Won’t Support Businesses With Mask Mandates

Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that he would be ending his statewide mandatory mask order next week, we at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility asked our subscribers and supporters how they would react to businesses requiring masks. Over a thousand Texans…


Repeal the Franchise Tax

Over a decade ago, liberal lawmakers in the Texas Legislature from both parties came together and imposed an onerous tax on Texas’ businesses: the state’s franchise tax also known as the gross margins tax. Since its inception, this tedious tax…


Explainer: The Texas Blackout: What Happened? How do we fix it?

Following the disastrous Texas blackout in February 2021, TFR created the following video explaining part of the problem and potential solutions to safeguarding the life, liberty, and property of everyday Texans.   While further reforms are most assuredly needed, action…


Eliminate 312 Tax Abatements, Lower Tax Rates Instead

Originally implemented in 2001, property tax abatements have exploded as local governments across Texas compete with each other in an endless cycle of targeted giveaways to big business. The time to end this unfair, costly, and crony practice has come. Defined…