Arkansas Holds Special Session on Property Tax Cuts, Texas Must Eliminate Them

June 20, 2024
TFR Staff
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Arkansas lawmakers have made significant strides in reducing the property tax burden on their residents. During a special legislative session, the Arkansas General Assembly passed a series of bills aimed at decreasing income and property taxes. This decision has been widely praised by taxpayers and advocates of economic freedom.

This tax relief aims to put more money back in the pockets of Arkansans, helping to offset the rising costs associated with inflation. By reducing the corporate income tax to 4.3%, Arkansas is also ensuring its continued economic competitiveness, fostering a healthier economy with more job opportunities.

In contrast, Vermont is taking a different path, opting to increase property taxes significantly. The Vermont Legislature recently overrode Governor Phil Scott’s vetoes to pass bills that raise property taxes by an average of almost 14%. Governor Scott criticized the move, stating, “Today is a sad day for Vermonters who simply cannot afford further tax burdens and cost increases.” He argued that these increases would impose undue financial stress on Vermont’s residents, particularly the middle and lower-income families.

This divergence in fiscal policy between Arkansas and Vermont presents a clear case for Texasto learn from and to follow suit in supporting taxpayers. While Arkansas is making commendable strides in reducing the overall tax burden on its residents, Texas has the potential to go even further.

The time is ripe for Texas to lead by example. By putting Texas on a path to completely eliminate property taxes, starting with School M&O property taxes, Texas can set a new standard for economic freedom and fiscal responsibility. 

Such a move would not only provide significant relief to homeowners and businesses but also attract more investment and job opportunities, strengthening the state’s economy. Eliminating property taxes will ensure that Texas remains a beacon of opportunity and prosperity, free from the financial burdens ever-growing property taxes that stifle growth and innovation.

While Arkansas celebrates its tax cuts and Vermont imposes new burdens on its residents, Texas stands at a crossroads. By eliminating property taxes, Texas can champion fiscal responsibility and economic freedom, setting a precedent for the entire nation to follow.

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