Vermont’s Misguided Property Tax Hike – Texas Must Be Vigilant

June 19, 2024
TFR Staff
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Vermont’s recent decision to raise property taxes by nearly 14% should serve as a stark warning to Texans about the dangers of unchecked government overreach and fiscal irresponsibility. 

Despite the state’s already high tax burden, the Vermont legislature, controlled by Democratic supermajorities, has chosen to impose even greater financial strain on its residents. This move, ostensibly to fund education and environmental projects, highlights a fundamental disregard for the economic well-being of ordinary Vermonters.

Governor Phil Scott’s vetoes were intended to protect taxpayers from further financial hardship, but his efforts were thwarted by a legislature more focused on expanding government than on fostering economic stability. Scott rightly pointed out that these measures would increase costs for Vermonters, who are already struggling with rising living expenses. His statement that, “Today is a sad day for Vermonters who simply cannot afford further tax burdens and cost increases,” resonates deeply with those who value fiscal responsibility and limited government.

For Texans, this scenario underscores the importance of vigilance in our fight to eliminate property taxes. Property taxes are inherently regressive, and the current system places a disproportionate burden on homeowners. They undermine the principles of private property ownership, where individuals rent their homes from the government.

In Texas, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is fighting for a more equitable tax system that does not penalize property ownership. 

Vermont’s experience shows that when government grows unchecked, taxpayers suffer. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to ending property taxes in Texas to ensure that Texans are not subjected to the same fate.

Our fight is not just about economics; it’s about protecting the freedom and financial security of every Texas family. Vermont’s example reminds us of the perils of complacency and the critical need for continued advocacy and action. 

Texans deserve a government that respects their hard-earned money and champions policies that promote economic freedom and prosperity for all.

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