Update from RPT Convention!

May 23, 2024
TFR Staff
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This week, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is in San Antonio for the Republican Party of Texas State Convention!

We are here educating delegates on “Axe the Tax,” which would prioritize eliminating property taxes in the 2025 legislative session. 

This plan would eliminate property taxes, starting with school maintenance and operation (M&O) property taxes using Texas’ sales tax budget surplus. You can read more about our proposal here. 

The current working language of the legislative priority reads as follows: 

“Ax the School M&O Property Tax

As a first step toward eliminating all property taxes: Establish a permanent pathway to ending school maintenance and operations (M&O) taxes and recapture, without creating or raising any other tax, by capping spending growth and requiring at least 60% of future state budget surpluses and Rainy Day Fund surpluses to be used to compress the school M&O tax until it is eliminated.”

During our time here, we’ve received tremendous support from delegates who are tired of renting their homes from the government. This widespread backing is unsurprising, considering that an overwhelming majority of Republican voters supported a resolution to eliminate all property taxes in Texas during the primary.

We are encouraging all delegates to vote FOR the Ax the School M&O Property Tax as their top legislative priority. 

Our fight to eliminate property taxes isn’t our only focus at the convention. We are also advocating for several other key issues. These include adopting a “No Growth” budget, banning taxpayer-funded lobbying, and curtailing local government spending. Each of these issues are integral to our broader goal of fiscal responsibility and ensuring that Texas remains a state where families can thrive without oppressive tax burdens.

We encourage all delegates to support these resolutions and actively participate in the convention process. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the legislative priorities that will guide our state toward a more prosperous future. By working together, we can make significant strides in reforming Texas’ fiscal policies, ultimately benefiting all Texans.

If you are here, make sure to stop by our booth, #619,  to get some goodies!

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility relies on the support of private donors across the Lone Star State in order to promote fiscal responsibility and pro-taxpayer government in Texas. Please consider supporting our efforts! Thank you!

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