Houston Superintendent Faces Allegations of Misusing Tax Dollars

May 16, 2024
TFR Staff
Accountability, Houston, Property Tax, Schools, Transparency

Houston Independent School District (HISD) Superintendent Mike Miles finds himself under intense scrutiny as allegations emerge of diverting millions in Texas public school tax dollars to a failing charter school in Colorado. The accusations, brought to light by a Spectrum News report, suggest that funds from a Texas school within Miles’ Third Future Schools network were used to offset losses at its Colorado counterpart. Additionally, Miles received $40,000 for consulting while the charter chain accumulated significant debt and faced closures in Colorado.

In response, Miles has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the allegations as “irresponsibly inaccurate” and defending the network’s operations as legal and commonplace. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has announced a review of the matter, emphasizing that Third Future Schools operate under performance contracts with districts, not state funding. 

The controversy surrounding Miles has raised broader concerns about transparency and accountability within HISD and the charter school sector. Houston taxpayers should be outraged by the implications of their property taxes potentially funding such fiscal irresponsibility, especially as HISD faces a $450 million funding gap and districtwide layoffs loom.

The allegations against Miles underscore the urgent need for oversight and accountability of taxpayer money. Houstonians’ taxes should be used to support quality education, not to be funneled out of state to cover debts incurred by failing schools elsewhere.

Houston taxpayers deserve assurance that their hard-earned dollars are being used responsibly and ethically to support student success. Only through transparency and accountability can HISD regain the trust of the community and ensure a brighter future for its students.

While cases like these continue to be brought to light, it’s a perfect time to remind Texans that property taxes can and should be eliminated. Property taxes are nothing but a burden on homeowners and have long been a contentious issue in Texas. By using the surplus to buy down existing property taxes, Texas can alleviate the strain on taxpayers while ensuring that education and other essential services are adequately funded. TFR has a plan to accomplish this important task here and compiled some essential research here.

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