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Higher Education Escapes Culpability in Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Debate

Last week, the Biden administration announced plans to eliminate a portion of student loan debt for Americans who qualify under a certain income threshold. To be clear, the plan collectivizes the debt incurred by individuals and further burdens U.S. taxpayers….


Student Loan Forgiveness: Potential Fuel to the Inflation Fire

Why pay off your debt if you can get your fellow Americans to pick up the tab? Traditionally, if an individual takes out a loan, it is with the promise that it will be paid back. But evidently, that dynamic…


Creighton to Chair Consolidated Senate Education Committee

Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced his intention to make the current Senate Committee on Higher Education a sub-committee of the Senate Committee on Education in the upcoming 88th legislative session. In preparation for such a thing and in response…


Re-Regulate Tuition, Repeal Tuition “Set Asides”

For most of Texas history, tuition rates at public colleges and universities were set by the Texas Legislature. That changed in 2003 when lawmakers “de-regulated” tuition and voted to give the state universities the ability to set their own rates,…