Texas Candidate Filing Begins

November 15, 2023
Andrew McVeigh
Primary Elections 2024, Taxpayer Champions, Texas Legislature

Filing to be on the primary ballot in March is open for a thirty-day window.

As anticipation for the March primary elections rise, candidate filing to be on the ballot in either party officially began on Saturday, November 11th. 

Candidates from both Republican and Democrat parties have begun to file their paperwork and formally declare their intentions to run for offices ranging from local positions to statewide seats. 

The March 2024 primary is expected to be a closely watched event, given the presidential primary election and continuing issues revolving around school choice, border security, and property taxes. 

Highlighting the opening of the filing period was President Donald Trump, who was the first presidential candidate to file paperwork, on Saturday morning, to be placed on the March Republican Primary ballot. 

Members of the State Legislature have also begun to file for reelection, including TFR taxpayer champions Brian Harrison (R-Midlothian) for HD-10 and Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) for HD-94, both of whom received A ratings on TFR’s Fiscal Responsibility Index scorecard this year. 

As the filing period progresses, voters can expect an increasingly lively political discourse as candidates articulate their visions for the state’s future, setting the tone for a highly competitive electoral season.

The deadline to file in order to be placed on the March primary ballot is December 11th.

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