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By The Numbers: A Look at the Recent Property Tax Rate and Budget Proposals Across Texas

Earlier this month, TFR reminded Texas Taxpayers that the time of local budget setting and property tax rate adoptions was rapidly approaching.  Now, just a few weeks later, many major cities and counties across the Lone Star State have put…


Unexpected Twist: Dallas Mayor for Fiscal Responsibility?

In the intricate political landscape of Texas politics, more often than not those politicians that claim to be “Republicans” or “conservatives” advocate for fiscally responsible government, lower taxes, and less spending by government entities. Dallas Changing their Playbook? Yet, in…


Get Involved Now! Local Governments to Adopt New Property Tax Rates

Are you a homeowner? A small business owner? Farmer or rancher? Texas property owner of any kind? If you are, then this information is for you! Tax Rates Every year, local governments in Texas set a budget for their operations…