TFR Subscribers Say They Won’t Support Businesses With Mask Mandates

March 4, 2021
TFR Staff
Greg Abbott, Mask Mandates

Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that he would be ending his statewide mandatory mask order next week, we at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility asked our subscribers and supporters how they would react to businesses requiring masks.

Over a thousand Texans responded and an overwhelming majority said they would not support businesses that require masks.

Question: Once the mask mandate ends, will you continue visit businesses that still require them or go elsewhere?

Answer 1: Yes, I’ll still wear a mask: 24.08%

Answer 2: No, I won’t support them: 75.92%

A number of individuals also replied with further thoughts on Abbott’s decision:

“I am fed up with mask nazis expecting me to kowtow to an unnecessary mandate.” –Ann Marie

“He FINALLY did what is right.” –Keith

“He did the right thing. We do not need government ruling our health!” –Sue