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Chairman Bonnen Kills Path to Property Tax Elimination

On Thursday, after months of stalemate, the Texas House finally took up for consideration a property tax plan intended to provide real relief to Texas taxpayers.  The House convened in the early afternoon to consider the proposed plan. Senate Bill…

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State Rep. Harrison Files Landmark Property Tax Bills

“Texans can never own their homes and are being taxed out of them. Property taxes are unethical and should be eliminated.” Can you ask for a better quote from an elected lawmaker on property tax reform? This quote is how…

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Lawmaker Seeks to Limit Compensation for Taxpayer-funded Bureaucrats

On Thursday, Texas Republican State Rep. Brian Harrison (Waxahachie) filed legislation seeking to limit the salary paid to officers and employees of this state, as well as political subdivisions in the state, to no more than that of the governor…