TFR Calls for Third Special Session to “Ax the Tax”

September 20, 2023
Andrew McVeigh
88th Legislative Session, Greg Abbott, Property Tax, School Choice, Special Session, Spending

Today, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) requesting that he immediately call a third special legislative session, to address a host of pressing issues affecting all Texas taxpayers and families. 

It is already widely expected that Governor Abbott will call another special session this fall to tackle the issue of school choice and education freedom. TFR supports this effort, so long as it is directed towards real, fiscally sound, education freedom for all Texas families. 

Just as essential to Texan’s prosperity is the issue of burdensome property taxes. TFR has long called for the complete elimination of the Property Tax in Texas and is calling on Governor Abbott to include this issue on the legislative call. 

In our letter, TFR reminded Governor Abbott of his past public support for the elimination of property taxes, starting with the School Maintenance and Operations (M&O) property taxes (the majority of a property owner’s total tax bill):

“As a part of your reelection campaign, while participating in the gubernatorial debate in September of 2022, you stated: “My goal is to eliminate the school property tax that’s imposed in the State of Texas, so that people can genuinely own their own home, without being taxed out of it.”

You also expressed support for a pathway to school Maintenance and Operations property tax elimination when you officially included it in your original second special session call, issued on June 27th of this year.”

Finally, TFR asked Governor Abbott to also include spending limitations on local governments and the abolition of taxpayer-funded lobbying on the special session call.

Texans who are tired of burdensome property taxes, and who wish to join us in our fight, can contact Governor Abbott HERE, and ask that he include these crucial policy issues on the next special session call.

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