2021 TFR Taxpayer Champions

January 20, 2022
TFR Staff
Fiscal Responsibility Index


With the primary season quickly approaching TFR always wants to remind its subscribers and all Texas taxpayers of the free resource that we provide to assist in making decisions at the ballot box. Although TFR no longer makes endorsements, we continue to provide transparency to voters on how their representatives voted through the Fiscal Responsibility Index.

This index is a measure of how consistently lawmakers chose to vote for limited government and spend tax dollars responsibly. This produces a numerical value between 0-100 that correlates with letter grades in school. Those scoring over 90 receive A’s grades and are considered by TFR to be “Taxpayer Champions” by consistently voting in favor of the small government and for fiscally responsible policies. Below are our taxpayer champions of the 2021 87th legislative session for both the Texas House and Senate. These lawmakers deserve accolades for representing their districts with honor and integrity.



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Please feel free to use this resource as a help to you and your family and friends as we strive for a more conservative Texas in a very important election year. Congratulations to all of our 2021 “Taxpayer Champions”.

You can see who represents you and how they scored on the index HERE.