Bidenomics: Exposing the Marxist Road to American Communism

July 26, 2023
Andrew McVeigh
Biden Administration, Communism, Federal Government, Joe Biden, Spending

The year is 2035. Kamala Harris is in her second term as president of the United States, after serving as vice president under Joe Biden for eight years. The “Inflation Reduction Act 5.0″ and the third iteration of the Green New Deal has just passed Congress and was signed into law by President Harris, as she publicly champions 15 years of “Bidenomics” at work in America. One pound of beef costs $20, gas stoves are illegal, and robots work all of the previous “minimum wage jobs.” There is no end in sight to the chaos. 

If what is written above sounds scary, it should. While no one knows exactly what the future holds, what is becoming increasingly clear is that the type of future described is not actually a fantasy, but a possibility. Years of rampant government spending, regulations, and unwarranted intrusions are taking their toll on American life, and there is no sign of them slowing down. 

As Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and most of the Democrat Party embrace this new “Bidenomics,” the question arises: What is it, really? 

In fact, “Bidenomics” is nothing new. It is simply repackaged big-government communism, inspired by Karl Marx—but with a new name and face. 

Just consider some of the main policy “achievements” of the Biden administration. It is full of spending increases and socialist policies. Billions in direct payments to individuals and businesses, $65 billion for businesses to expand broadband, $52 billion in corporate welfare for computer chip companies, billions in expanding socialized medicine, $80 billion for the IRS, and more green-energy incentives at the expense of taxpayers. 

Major federal legislation passed under the leadership of Joe Biden—including the American Rescue Plan Act, the Federal Infrastructure bill, the CHIPS Act, and the spuriously named “Inflation Reduction Act”—have resulted in more than $4.12 TRILLION in new federal spending. 

What has all of this resulted in? Nearly $33 trillion in national debt, which is roughly $100,000 owed per person in the United States (up from $27 trillion in January 2021 when Biden took office). It has also resulted in record levels of inflation, near-zero rises in wages when accounting for inflation, and a climate that continues to grow more hostile to American families and small businesses. 

And that is only the beginning. Other items that have yet to be passed on the “Bidenomics” agenda include spending trillions more taxpayer money on climate-change initiatives, more government intervention and control over education and childcare, and forcefully raising the minimum wage. 

All these communist-like policies, and more, have been tried before (think Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela). They have always failed, and they will fail here too. They are explicitly designed to ensure big government is constantly intervening and controlling every aspect of the economy, private business, and American families—all at taxpayers’ expense. 

A major part of the solution rests in the hands of the states. Each state must stand up to the overreach, the dubious policies, the cronyism, and say “no.”

And not just with speeches or strongly worded letters, but with action, laws, and policies to counter the growth of communism in the United States. 

States like Texas must lead the way. Texas must become a beacon of fiscal responsibility and common-sense policies (such as eliminating property taxes and corporate welfare) that will cultivate an economy and society in which small businesses have a level playing field and Texas families can thrive and prosper.

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