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Abbott Refuses to Relinquish Power, Extends COVID Emergency Again

Yesterday, Abbott renewed his COVID disaster declaration for another 30 days. Texas is now lagging behind the rest of the nation as one of only 12 states that have refused to lay down their unconstitutional executive power. This marks the…


Explainer: What Is the World Economic Forum?

For the last few years, it’s been hard to go to a grassroots gathering without at least a mention of the World Economic Forum or a quote from the infamous Klaus Schwab. If you haven’t heard of the World Economic…


Higher Education Escapes Culpability in Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Debate

Last week, the Biden administration announced plans to eliminate a portion of student loan debt for Americans who qualify under a certain income threshold. To be clear, the plan collectivizes the debt incurred by individuals and further burdens U.S. taxpayers….


Student Loan Forgiveness: Potential Fuel to the Inflation Fire

Why pay off your debt if you can get your fellow Americans to pick up the tab? Traditionally, if an individual takes out a loan, it is with the promise that it will be paid back. But evidently, that dynamic…


They Dare Not Call it a Recession

Thursday, Americans woke up to the news that the U.S. economy continued to contract for the second straight quarter. For Americans who have been experiencing a higher cost of living in the last year or so, it is not necessarily…


Biden Administration Floats Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

On Monday, President Biden met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, where among other issues he mentioned that his administration is looking into options to forgive a substantial but unspecified amount of federal student loan debt. Earlier this month,…


Has the Juice Been Worth Squeezing on State Border Security Funding?

One year into Operation Lone Star and many Texans are asking questions about the overall efficacy of the state‚Äôs current strategy in addressing the ongoing border security crisis. Ultimately, the federal government has the responsibility of enforcing immigration laws. Texas…


Inflation Hits A New 40 Year High At 7.9%

Americans all across the country, including here in Texas, are suffering from the fiscally irresponsible policies administered by both the federal government and the Federal Reserve in response to the pandemic. The massive amounts of Quantitative Easing and stimulus dollars…


A Somber Milestone Also Marks Bleak Outlook for the Prosperity of Future Generations

$30 trillion. Written another way, $30,000,000,000,000. It is a number that is generally unfathomable and difficult to truly understand or conceptualize by everyday Americans. It also represents the money owed by the United States Government or more importantly the taxpayer…


Inflation Soars to 7% a 40 Year High

  CPI data released this morning revealed that the year-over-year inflation rate has hit 7%. This is the highest rate experienced in 40 years (since 1982) in the USA and there is no sign that we will be inflecting downward…


Inflation hits 30 year high at 6.2% year over year according to CPI data.

According to CPI data released today, inflation has hit a 30 year high at 6.2% year over year. This has officially killed the narrative that “inflation is transitory” and will magically disappear according to the Federal Reserve. But what is…