Dr. Peter McCullough Blasts Texas COVID Response, Points to Herd Immunity

March 18, 2021
TFR Staff

Dr. Peter McCullough gave a groundbreaking testimony before the Texas Senate last Wednesday which was so powerful it made mainstream news nationwide.

In his testimony he had blistering rebuke of the government’s response and directions regarding the Chinese Coronavirus, Here are the highlights of the testimony that can be viewed above:

  • Out of 50,000 peer-reviewed papers on COVID, none of them gave guidance on treatment except his paper, which was censored by big tech
  • Home treatment has been discovered that would prevent 85% of hospitalizations and deaths
  • The unsymptomatic spread of the virus is almost unheard of, and all that is needed to prevent is a simple temperature check at the door.
  • There is no scientific rationale for ever vaccinating a COVID-recovered patient. natural immunity is vastly superior.
  • No one under 50 should be vaccinated and Texas is currently at 80% herd immunity without vaccine effect.

A full video of Dr. McCullough’s remarks can be viewed here.