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Episode 12: Texas House Budget “Debate” Incoming, Taxpayers Beware

March 29, 2023
TFR Staff
88th Legislative Session, Budget Surplus, Property Tax, Spending, State Budget

Episode Description

πŸ’° In this episode of π—§π—”π—«π—£π—”π—¬π—˜π—₯ π—§π—”π—Ÿπ—žπ—¦, we discuss the upcoming state budget “debate” to take place in the Texas House of Representatives and why it is more like orchestrated political theatre than a heartfelt debate among lawmakers. We also discuss the prospects for property tax relief as a part of the deliberations.

Show Notes/References

  • TFR Legislative Priorities
  • House Bill 1: General Appropriations Act (Proposed State Budget for FY2024-25)
  • House Leadership’s Prioritized Property Tax β€œRelief” Proposals:
  • House Bill 2: Texas Property Tax Relief Act
    • Compilation of Opposition to Appraisal Cap Provision in House Bill 2

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