RPT Releases Final Legislative Priorities

June 7, 2024
Andrew McVeigh
89th Legislative Session, RPT, Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying, Texas Is Not For Sale

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has released the Legislative Priorities for the 2025-2026 cycle and the 89th Legislative session. 

The RPT legislative priorities include the top eight tasks that the party expects republican members of the Texas Legislature to fight for (and when in a majority, accomplish) during the upcoming legislative session. 

Nearly two weeks after the close of the 2024 Convention, the eight legislative priorities are as follows: 

  • Border Enforcement
  • Secure Texas Elections
  • Stop Sexualizing Texas’ Kids
  • No Democrat Chairs
  • Ban Taxpayer-funded Lobbying
  • Secure the Electric Grid
  • Texas is Not for Sale
  • End Federal Overreach

Of note at the number five position, is also one of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s (TFR) legislative priorities: Banning Taxpayer Funded Lobbying:

“Prohibiting all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying, including the use of tax dollars to hire lobbyists and payment of tax dollars to associations that lobby the Legislature.”

This issue, one of the five core tenants of TFR’s Texas Prosperity Plan, is an essential step to restore fiscal sanity in Texas and return real accountability of elected officials to the people who vote for them. 

TFR attended the State Convention in San Antonio, and educated thousands of delegates on the Texas Prosperity Plan, including banning taxpayer funded lobbying, eliminating property taxes and cutting government spending. 

The process for choosing these eight issues begins at the precinct level, and finally at the state convention, the legislative priorities committee refines a list of fifteen potential priorities for the entire State delegation to vote on. 

Another win for TFR and the fiscal sanity movement is the inclusion of the “Texas is Not for Sale” priority, which would ensure that hostile foreign countries and entities, such as China, can not buy up and control real property, such as housing or farm land in the Lone Star State. 

Although Eliminating Property Taxes was in final fifteen and did not make it into the top eight, it still remains an essential cornerstone of restoring private property rights in the State of Texas, and TFR will continue to work on that issue in the next legislative session.

The entire list of the RPT priorities can be found here, as well as the entire platform here.

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