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Texas’ Largest Cities Continue to Burden Taxpayers With Debt

The fiscal watchdog organization Truth in Accounting (TIA) recently published its latest Financial State of the Cities Report for 2023. The report analyzed the financial health of the top 75 cities in America. “The report found that 50 cities did…

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State Rep. Harrison Files Landmark Property Tax Bills

“Texans can never own their homes and are being taxed out of them. Property taxes are unethical and should be eliminated.” Can you ask for a better quote from an elected lawmaker on property tax reform? This quote is how…

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Taxpayer Champion Seeks to Impose a Spending Limit on Local Governments

On Monday, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Taxpayer Champion State Rep. Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) filed legislation seeking to impose a spending limit for city- and county-level local governments based on the rate of increase for both population and inflation. In…