Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Declares Independence, Announces New Leadership

January 4, 2021
TFR Staff

As the Texas Legislature prepares to convene with a major budget deficit and Texans continue to demand a more accountable government, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is relaunching as an independent organization to better serve taxpayers and equip them for the fights ahead.

Continuing to helm the initiative is Cary Cheshire, who will serve as the president of the organization. He is joined by Tim Hardin who will serve as the organization’s executive director. 

Cary Cheshire has worked on TFR’s premier product, the Fiscal Responsibility Index, for three sessions of the Texas Legislature. He resides in Leander and attends St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church.

Tim Hardin is a small businessman, pastor, and former staffer in the Texas House, Hardin comes to TFR after serving as chief of staff to State Rep. Jonathan Stickland for seven years. He resides in Fort Worth with his wife Luisa and five children, Elijah, Noah, Micah, Jeremiah, and Selah.

As it has in the past, TFR will continue to produce the Fiscal Responsibility Index which cuts through the clutter and provides Texans a resource with which to determine if their lawmaker is voting for taxpayers in Austin. Additionally, TFR will engage taxpayers across the state and provide additional information and tools they can use to take back control of their government.

The organization will be governed by a board of directors, whose members include three lawmakers with strong records of service in the Texas Legislature, and standout ratings on the Fiscal Responsibility Index: Board Chairman Jonathan Stickland, Board Secretary Matt Rinaldi, and Director Stuart Spitzer.

Jonathan Stickland served four terms in the Texas House representing District 92. During his time in the Texas Legislature, Stickland was known as one as one of the most aggressive advocates for taxpayers and was consistently rated as one of the most conservative lawmakers in the Texas House. Stickland runs his own oil and gas consulting company and lives with his wife Krissy and their two daughters, Andie and Carlie, in Willow Park.

Matt Rinaldi served two terms in the Texas House representing District 115. While serving in the Texas House, Rinaldi led the fight to pass pro-taxpayer reforms and was consistently regarded as one of the most conservative lawmakers in the state. An attorney by trade, Rinaldi resides in Irving with his wife Corley and their son Rush.

Stuart Spitzer served one term in the Texas House representing District 4. A strong conservative, Spitzer earned top marks from various organizations during his time in the Texas Legislature. A general surgeon by trade, Spitzer resides in Kaufman with his wife Shari and their two children, Lily and Luke.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is an independent educational non-profit organization seeking to illuminate the actions of government, educate and equip citizens to effectively advocate for pro-taxpayer reforms, and hold lawmakers accountable for their actions. Taxpayers should demand their interests, not those of elected officials, lobbyists, or bureaucrats, come first in the Lone Star State.

For more information about Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, visit TexasTaxpayers.com.