TFR Statement on Senate Passage of SB 1

April 6, 2021
TFR Staff
Property Tax, State Budget

Following the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 1, the state budget, in the Texas Senate, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility president Cary Cheshire issued the following statement:

“The Texas Senate’s budget provides only a modest increase in total state spending below population and inflation, a traditional standard of a conservative budget.

That fiscal restraint is noteworthy, but taxpayers desperately need far more than the minimum standard from their elected leaders.

Indeed, majorities in both chambers of the Texas Legislature were not elected on promises to merely not grow government as fast, but rather to deliver sorely needed tax relief to hardworking Texans.

Unfortunately, the budget passed by the Texas Senate does not prioritize tax relief and Texans will not see the reductions in their tax bills they deserve.”