TFR Statement on the Proposed Texas Budget

January 21, 2021
TFR Staff
Property Tax, State Budget

Following the release of budget proposals by the Texas House and Texas Senate, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility president Cary Cheshire released the following statement:

“In light of the continued government shutdowns negatively affecting Texans and the Comptroller’s projection of a revenue shortfall, it’s encouraging to see lawmakers forgo tax increases and refrain from raiding the state’s savings account.

However, the majority of lawmakers in the Texas Legislature did not win their elections by promising not to raise taxes. They won by promising to cut taxes.

As proposed, the budget fails to adequately prioritize tax relief for overburdened Texans struggling in the face of high taxes, government mandates, and shutdowns.

Texas lawmakers should prioritize a full reopening of the economy and further regulatory and tax relief for hardworking taxpayers.”