Explainer: The Texas Blackout: What Happened? How do we fix it?

February 25, 2021
TFR Staff
Corporate Welfare, Energy Grid

Following the disastrous Texas blackout in February 2021, TFR created the following video explaining part of the problem and potential solutions to safeguarding the life, liberty, and property of everyday Texans.


While further reforms are most assuredly needed, action by the Texas Legislature on these three items:

  • Ending state subsidies to nonreliable power through Chapter 312 and 313
  • Requiring all power providers to be at least partially reliable
  • Ending government control of electrical generation

Accomplishing these three items would go a long way to preventing a future crisis.

For more information on this issue and other potential reforms to create a better Texas for taxpayers visit TexasTaxpayers.com .