Polling Suggests Most Texans Want True Property Tax Relief

This week, the Defend Texas Liberty PAC released polling that suggested a majority of Texans, from both major political parties, support using a majority of the projected budget surplus to lower their property tax burdens.   Polling Results Among several…


Despite Promises From Appropriators, No Major Cities Are Adopting the No-New-Revenue Rate

It’s that time of year again: local governments across Texas are considering their budgets for the next fiscal year and setting their tax rates to support such spending. This year is special for Texas taxpayers because it is a year…


Introducing the Texas Prosperity Plan

At Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (TFR), we hear from Texans every day, impacted by the rising costs of living, rising property tax burdens, and general dismay towards a government that seems to represent their own interests less and less. For too…