TFR is Headed to Convention!

May 16, 2024
Andrew McVeigh
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Texans for Fiscal Responsibility will be attending the Republican Party of Texas Convention in San Antonio. 

Next week, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (TFR) will pack its bags and hit the road for San Antonio. The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Convention is set to be held in the Alamo City the week of May 20-25, 2024. 

An event held after a long process of primary campaigns, elections, precinct, county, and senate district conventions, the RPT State Convention is held once every 2 years, and is the largest political gathering in the free world. 

Convention process

The State Convention is a roughly week-long process in which delegates from every corner of the state meet to develop the RPT’s platform and legislative priorities and select party leadership, such as the State Chairman. 

National delegates, who participate in the presidential nomination process, will also be chosen. 

Resolutions and Texas Prosperity Plan

Delegates at convention play a major role in helping selectthe legislative priorities of the RPT for the next biennium. 

TFR is encouraging delegates to push for a legislative priority known as “Axe the Tax,” which is TFR’s goal of eliminating property taxes, starting with School Maintenance and Operations (M&O) property taxes. 

Eliminating property taxes is not some far-fetched idea; in fact, 78% of Republican voters already support the initiative, and TFR has done the research to show how this is possible.

Axe the Tax is one of the main components of TFR’s “Texas Prosperity Plan,” which includes some essential, overarching changes that need to occur at the State and local levels to get Texas heading back in the right direction regarding fiscal policy, the economy, and the opportunity for families to thrive. 

These Steps include: 

  • Freeze and Cut the State Budget 
  • Eliminate Property Taxes (Axe the Tax) 
  • End Corporate Welfare
  • Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying 
  • Curtail Local Government Spending and Debt 

Delegates are encouraged to actively participate in the convention process, which can include testifying in important committees like the Legislative Priorities Committee and the Platform Committee.

The TFR Booth

TFR will be hosting a booth in the convention hall, in which delegates can learn more about Axe the Tax, the Texas Prosperity Plan, how property taxes work, and more! 


For a more in-depth schedule of the convention’s events, committee meetings, and more, check out the calendar HERE

See you there!

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