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Texas’ Largest Cities Continue to Burden Taxpayers With Debt

The fiscal watchdog organization Truth in Accounting (TIA) recently published its latest Financial State of the Cities Report for 2023. The report analyzed the financial health of the top 75 cities in America. “The report found that 50 cities did…


The Biggest Loser in the Wake of 2022 Midterms in Texas: Fiscal Sanity

Much to the chagrin of fiscal conservatives, perhaps the most significant thing to come out of the 2022 midterm elections was the overwhelming success of many bond propositions and tax rate increases on the ballot. In a country where we…


Yet Another Somber Debt Milestone

$31 trillion. Written another way, $31,000,000,000,000. Sadly, milestones like these seem to have become all too regular. They are almost as certain as the political theatre performed by the U.S. Congress every few months over whether or not to raise…


Explainer: What Are 313 Tax Abatements?

A topic that has become more popular recently due to Speaker Dade Phelan’s support for their renewal is Chapter 313 tax abatements. However, when interacting with taxpayers, I have noticed that most people have no clue about the controversial program….


New Report Shows the Increased Debt Burdens on Texas Taxpayers in Largest Cities

Recently, Truth in Accounting published their latest Combined City Taxpayer Report of the 10 most populated cities in the United States and the debt burdens put on each of their taxpayers. The report attempts to measure the annual financial reports…


Conflicting Messages Across the State for Local Bond Propositions

Saturday marked election day across the state for a whole host of ballot propositions, including over 200 bond proposals from various local governmental jurisdictions. A total of $18.5 billion of proposed spending was considered by Texas voters and after reviewing…


A Somber Milestone Also Marks Bleak Outlook for the Prosperity of Future Generations

$30 trillion. Written another way, $30,000,000,000,000. It is a number that is generally unfathomable and difficult to truly understand or conceptualize by everyday Americans. It also represents the money owed by the United States Government or more importantly the taxpayer…


After Receiving COVID Welfare, Most Texas Cities Are In More Debt

Recently Truth In Accounting released their most recent Financial State of the Cities for 2022. This report analyzed the financial health of the top 75 cities in America during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The report found that 61 cities did not…


Abbott Releases His “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” But Taxpayers Are Underwhelmed

Yesterday Governor Greg Abbott announced his “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” proposal at a meeting of the Kingwood Tea Party. In response, many grassroots activists reported being underwhelmed after reviewing the plan claiming to put Texas on a path to reduce…